This year was my very first time when I visited Romania. I was surprised to see that most stereotypes are false, and their capital city Bucharest is just as modern like any other major city in Europe. Before leaving, I was asked by my host to join them for a family meal in their garden. I accepted, because i felt comfortable among them. I have been staying for a week in their house but I was never bothered to see their garden or the rest of the house.

Famous Roses

When the last day came they were expecting me in their very vast garden. It took me by surprise to find out that I have been living for a week in a house that has it’s own greenhouse.

There we’re so many plants one could not count them with a naked eye, but one thing  impressed me the most. Their garden had massive fragrant climbing roses that grew all along the outside wall of the house. Also they had the most fragrant roses I have ever smelled. All their  garden roses smelled very good and the colors we’re very vibrant. A particular rose that stroke me with it’s immaculate white was the rose  Pierre Arditi, breed by Meilland Richardier.

Before I left I made sure my host tells me where did they got the roses from. She told me to visit Famous Roses’s website, because they are a major seller in Europe. All their roses that are being sold on the website are bred in France and some in Romania.

Famous Roses and the hidden secrets of Romania


I was very please with the information I received about the place where they bought those beautiful roses. Soon after my return I purchased for my garden several roses from Famous Roses and now I am in the process of expanding my garden to even more rose breeds.

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