Many years ago, after graduating, I settled in Canada and found a job, which allowed me to raise money to start my own business there. I managed to fulfill my dream with a lot of will and perseverance.

One week ago, I was invited by business partners to a series of conferences, which were held in Bucharest. Therefore, a day before my arrival in the capital, I entered the David Intercar website.

This is a company from Romania, which deals with airport transfer  and Chauffeur services, More precisely, it offers customers the possibility to rent a car with a driver, for picking up from the airport and business tour.

I quickly and easily filled out the form, through which I booked a car for Bucharest airport transfers. I was traveling alone and as a woman, I was afraid to take a taxi to the capital. I had not come to Romania for twenty years. But I had read various news about taxi drivers, who resort to various scams. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

After twelve hours of flying, when I left at the gate of Otopeni airport, the driver was already waiting for me, with my name written on a large sheet of paper. I walked over to him, a sign that I was the one who had reserved the car.

I met him, then he opened the back door of a metallic black Mercedes. The interior was also spotlessly clean and I felt extremely comfortable on the couch of the private car.

The driver put my luggage in the trunk like a gentleman and I headed to the hotel, where I had booked accommodation for three nights. Until the destination, he told me a little about history and showed me the most interesting buildings. I was glad to see them again after so many years.

Thanks to the driver’s excellent driving skills, I had the feeling that I was floating and not driving, David Intercar’s airport transfer service made an extraordinarily good impression on me.

When I entered the hotel room, I adjusted a little, and I began to think about how I was planning to do my homework. It was important to get to a few conferences these days, which were located in different locations and it was necessary to fit in time.

To avoid the delay, I re-entered the David Intercar website, opting for Chauffeur. As this service provided me with a car with a driver, for at least 4 hours, the price seemed very advantageous to me.

The next day, when I left the hotel, my private car was waiting for me to leave for the first conference. We arrived at the fixed, without any second delay. The driver was thus punctual, which was essential for me. I was eagerly awaited at the end of each meeting

During these days, some unforeseen things happened, in which the driver’s flexibility rose to the level I wanted. The roads were a real relaxation and I was confident that I would arrive on time, because I was in a private car driven by a professional.

I was extremely pleased with the Bucharest airport transfer and Chauffeur services. That’s why I recommend David Intercar to those who want to have safe business tours. It’s the perfect choice.

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